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Automoblox, maker of heirloom quality toy cars, is on an upward trajectory that hasn't slowed since we first encountered them a few years ago. In fact, while birthday shopping for my three-year-old nephew recently, I encountered Automoblox on the shelf of a local toy store for the first time, and then again at the little rug-rat's birthday party where a family friend bought him the X9 sport utility to go along with the S9 sedan I got him when he was born.

Times are so good for Automoblox that it's bucking the trend by unveiling a brand new model, the A9-S convertible. Based on the A9 compact, the A9-S is the first open-air Automoblox model ever and the first to feature a new white color palette for its speedster windshield, rear wing and rubber tires. The wheels are jet black with three fat spokes each and the two plastic passengers even have their hair swept back. Like all Automoblox cars, the German beech wood body of the A9-S can be taken apart and its parts and accessories mixed and matched with other cars to create new vehicles.

Christmas is right around the corner, and it's a safe bet we'll be buying the A9-S, which retails for $38 at the Automoblox Store, to add to our own growing collection that includes the X9, X9-X, C9-R and a trio of Automoblox Minis. We've also been told there's another hot version of the C9 in development, and have a teaser pic to prove it.

[Source: Automoblox]
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