Much like Delphi, auto parts supplier Visteon has struggled mightily to survive since being spun off from former parent Ford. Over the last few years they have shed many business units with the latest being a portfolio of technologies for reducing CO2 emissions. Controlled Power Technologies has just acquired powertrain technology and licenses that Visteon had in advanced development including an electronically-controlled supercharger, a micro-hybrid start-stop system and exhaust gas energy recovery system. Controlled Power is making acquisitions to capitalize on the need for CO2 emissions reductions throughout the auto industry. A big chunk of the Visteon deal includes licensing agreements with UK company Switched Reluctance Motors Ltd. They produce a type of brushless motor that is being increasingly used for automotive applications. The motor speed and torque can be precisely controlled by a dedicated electronic control unit, although the control itself can be quite tricky, especially if no rotor position sensor is used. The SR motors are being used in systems like the micro-hybrid for the start-stop functionality.

[Source: Controlled Power Technologies]

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