I can remember years ago when my dad sat me down for the talk. "Son," he said. "When a mommy loves a daddy very much, they, uh, well, they buy a car together. Yeah. And in that car is an engine full of pistons." And then he went on to explain how a valve lets in fuel, the piston compresses it, the spark plug ignites the fuel and air mixture and another valve lets the exhaust escape.

Of course, I thought it was all a magical process only ever seen in the minds of engineers and physicists. But now, thanks to high-speed video we can actually witness the piston stroking up and down in the chamber, the fuel valve opening to release its fuel, and, in an unimaginably quick instant the spark that sets everything in motion. After the violent, hot climax, the piston retreats, another valve opens with an exhaust-scented sigh and the event repeats itself again and again.

For most the video is perfectly safe for work, but for those who have blood 92 octane or higher, it may be considered a little steamy.

[Source: LiveLeak via Gizmodo]

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