Power line ignites squirrel. Squirrel ignites Camry.

A Bayonne, NJ squirrel sadly met his maker this week after chewing through an overhead power line. Apparently unaware that eating through shielded electrical cable does not yield a pleasant surprise in the middle like what one might find in, say, a Tootsie Pop, it was "Flame On, Johnny!" for our furry friend. Off the powerline he went, falling onto a 2006 Toyota Camry parked below. In a posthumous act of defiance that may or may not have been an editorial statement directed at Toyota's "Committee to Create Interesting Cars," the little critter somehow managed to slide into the engine compartment, turning the sedan into an impromptu funeral pyre. According to The Jersey Journal, the car's owner, Lindsay Millar, is fully insured. Her coverage presumably includes arson by flaming squirrel.
[Source: The Jersey Journal via Amazon.com Automotive Editors' Blog]

Squirrel photo by grendel|khan. Used with permission via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0.

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