Toyota establishes "Committee to create interesting cars"

Toyota's MegaWeb showcase in the center of Tokyo proudly displays 13 sedans, 11 minivans, nine hatchbacks, six 4x4s, four station wagons and zero sports cars. Since production of the MR2 went the way of the Supra and the Celica and Soarer fell under the Lexus banner, Toyota has had precious little for car enthusiasts to get excited about.

The situation is so dire that even Toyota's top brass have noticed. According to the August 26th edition of "Best Car" magazine (Japan is no longer just 16 hours ahead of the US it would seem), the board of directors has created a "Committee to create interesting cars" in response to grass roots criticism that recent Toyotas are uninteresting. Let's hope that by admitting to having a problem, the company has taken the first step to recovery.

No word about what the committee's recommendations have been to date, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear.

[Source: Best Car]

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