With UL-approved ethanol pumps, 2008 could be big E85 year

Sure, corn farmers and ethanol producers are very keen to see that you always have E85 available to you when you go to fill up your car. 2008 just might be the year when we do stop noticing E85 pumps because they will be everywhere. Next year's possible E85 explosion will not only come from a large supply of ethanol, but because of new pumps (this is something we've mentioned before).

Steve Tarter, writing in the Peoria Journal Star, explains that certification of ethanol pumps by Underwriters Laboratories is expected by the end of 2007. Once that happens, watch out. Mark Lambert, the Illinois Corn Marketing Board's marketing director, said that the official UL seal opens the door to many more stores to sell the biofuel. "We're not just looking at the Mom and Pop stores but chains like Wal-Mart that could add 300 E85 outlets at one time," he told Tarter.

[Source: Peoria Journal Star]

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