We don't know where it's from or when it was shot, but this in-car vid of a driver chasing a rival in a Mustang on a closed track is one of the funniest things we've seen all week. It starts off pretty normally, then the driver we're riding with channels his inner Satan, taunting the car in front of him. Somehow, it ultimately pays off, and it's pretty hilarious to hear our guy's reaction. Clearly, he's insane.

Many thanks to all the commenters, who filled in the blanks we didn't look to Google Video for. The facts (as we understand them), for new arrivals:
  • The track is Mid-America Motorplex in Pacific Junction, IA.
  • The camera car is a 1980 Porsche 911SC powered by a 3.6L from a 964.
  • The 'Stang he's chasing is a Saleen. Its driver calls it "Nemesis," explaining the nature of the taunts.
  • The Mustang driver is Melissen's brother.
  • It is one of our favorite videos ever.
Enjoy your weekends.
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[Source: VideoSift]

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Via: VideoSift

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