Ohio offering the farm for Ford to stay

We here in Ohio love our Ford plants. We've got 'em all over the place – in Cleveland, in Toledo, in Cincinnati... wait. Scratch those last two, as the Way Forward plan counts among its victims a stamping plant in Maumee near Toledo and a transmission plant in Batavia near Cinci. Ohio Governor Bob Taft and his Lt. Gov., however, have just offered Ford Motor Company a package worth $15.7 million in incentives to keep the Maumee plant open, however. Ford has graciously said it will review the offer, but Anne Marie Gattari, a Ford spokewoman, has already told the Detroit News that a turnaround plan unfortunately requires the idling of some plants, "and we don't expect that to change." Sorry Maumee, not even the great-grandson of William Howard Taft himself can save your stamping plant now.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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