Barchetta: Jaguar designer creates the Andare Attivo electric boat

Keith Helfet will forever be remembered for his masterpiece, the Jaguar XJ220 – one of the first supercars capable of 200-mph speeds and an elegant super-cat worthy of the Jaguar badge if ever there was one (to make no mention of the aborted Jaguar F-type concept.) But now the automotive designer has grown some sea legs and ventured out to the waves.

The Andare Attivo is a three-and-a-half meter (11.4 foot) runabout boat. As you can see from the image, the boat features a catamaran-style twin-keel hull that makes it more stable and quicker across the water's surface. Power comes from an electric motor fueled by two 12-volt batteries, which means no noise, no gasonline, no fumes. Just an easy-to-operate fun little boat.

The top of the boat can be expanded to accommodate two people sleeping inside, with fresh running water and electrical power. The target price is £10,000, making it far more affordable than most boats on the water, which, combined with its ease-of-use, means more people will get to enjoy quality time riding the waves, all with a lower impact on the environment. While it's certainly not the XJ220 of water borne travel, it does have the style of a much more expensive ship.

[Source: Auto Express and Cowes Online]

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