What does your employer do for your commute? US government ranks top 20 workplaces for commuters

For the last three years, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transporation have ranked 20 companies that they feel offer the best benefits for commuters and for three years Intel has come out on top. Why shouldn't they? They offer their employees vanpools, subsidies for public transportation, showers and storage for those who bike or run and even a dry-cleaner to lessen the demand for driving. And what if you could measure your commute times in milliseconds? In 2005, a whopping 40 percent of their employees got to work via the Internet.

According to Reuters, the ranking is part of a federal government effort to reduce traffic congestion and auto emissions by eliminating the American habit of driving to work alone.

You can view the full list after the jump. See if you can find the patterns. Reuters was kind enough to point out that almost all are technology companies and only eight are in states that do not touch the Pacific Ocean. Oh, and don't immediately fret if your company didn't make the cut. The ranking was only open to 133 firms with at least 700,000 employees.

[Source: Reuters via MSNBC]
  1. Intel
  2. Microsoft
  3. Google / Oracle (tie)
  4. Qualcomm
  5. Yahoo
  6. Cisco
  7. Sun Microsystems
  8. Texas Instruments
  9. Applied Materials
  10. Safeco Insurance
  11. Reliant Energy
  12. Wyeth
  13. Apple
  14. IBM
  15. Advanced Micro Devices
  16. EMC / El Paso Corp / Nike (three-way tie)
  17. Schering-Plough

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