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Michigan political campaign asks for donations to fill up the biodiesel bus

I might get sick of political biofuels news in these next few weeks, but until then, I'm enjoying how politicians use green car technology in their campaigns. Take Kim Clark, who is running for U.S. Representative from Michigan's 6th District. Clark is touring the district in a bus that runs on biodiesel (which is not that uncommon these days). An email sent out by Clark's field volunteers includes a pitch for money that is not your standard donation plea. Here's the text from the email:

"Please consider what your donation will help buy:
$20 (Biodiesel to get the Had Enough? bus campaign to 3 different small towns)
$40 (Biodiesel for 6 towns, or 600 pieces of campaign literature)
$75 (Lunch for 8 volunteers on the Had Enough? bus)
$100 (Biodiesel for 6 hours of campaigning, or 800 Clark bars to pass out to voters)
$200 (Biodiesel for 12 hours of campaigning, or 3000 pieces of campaign literature)
$300 (A tank of biodiesel, or breakfast, lunch and dinner for ten volunteers)
$2100 ("I have had enough! I'm giving the maximum amount allowed by law!")"

Not a bad strategy, considering how many people are concerned with renewable energy these days.

[Source: Kim Clark]

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