Porsche takes a plunge in Hong KongIn Hong Kong, an unlucky Porsche owner and a very fortunate Porsche mechanic are going to have one heckuva story to tell their friends and relatives for a long time to come.

A mechanic at Jebsen and Company, HK's only Porsche distributor, was bringing a freshly-serviced 911 Carrera 4S down for customer pick-up when he somehow wound up flying through a set of elevator doors. He and the Porsche plunged down two floors, coming to an eventual halt atop the elevator at ground level.

Aside from complaining of pain in his arms, the mechanic was reportedly unharmed. He climbed out of the car with the help of rescue workers on scene. Local police say that they believe the mechanic stepped on the gas instead of the brake as he arrived at the elevator doors.

Expensive mistake: That Carrera 4 was purchased in '01 for HK $1.2 million (around $154K USD by today's rates).

Something tells me that the technician/daredevil won't be entrusted with customers' car keys anytime soon. The good news is that if the whole "mechanic thing" doesn't pan out, he appears to have the makings of quite the stunt driver.

[Source: The Electric New Paper (Singapore)]

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