Even concept cars need gas... Saab Aero X spotted filling up

Imagine filling up your tank, complaining that gas prices have gone up yet again and cursing your choice to get the turbo engine with a penchant for premium petrol, when all of a sudden, the Saab Aero X pulls up alongside your ride. The top swooshes up and the doors rise slowly like a fighter jet opening up to allow its heroic pilot passage from the vehicle, and you feel the drool start to trickle to the corner of your mouth... or at least that's how we, as mere mortals, would feel if the Saab Aero X pulled up to the pump next to us. We can't quite decipher the text accompanying the photos, so that's the story we're sticking with.

Enjoy the photos, and thanks to Dennis for the tip.

[Source: Bil.feber.se]

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