As expected, Rolls-Royce didn't wait long in Geneva to the wraps off their new coupe concept, the 101EX.

Employing aluminum construction techniques first applied to the company's Phantom sedan, the 101EX boasts similar upright lines, albeit with a cut-down greenhouse and markedly different nose treatment. The two-tone look seen above is actually an effect brought about by the brushed aluminum used on the hood and windshield header (the body is painted in 'dark tungsten'), a trick used on Roller's [very] similar 2004 Geneva convertible concept, the 100EX. When viewed in profile, the 101EX is dominated by its 21" wheels, suicide doors and a c-pillar that could secret half the Tour de France from the driver's vantage.

Word is the interior isn't just the standard forest of fine timbers, hides and turned metals, the 101EX boasts a fiber-optic laden headliner designed to replicate the stars.

More angles of the 101EX can be found after the jump.

[Source: Motor Torque]

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