Team McLaren-Mercedes announced Tuesday that Kimi Raikkonen has been named the 'Driver of the Year' by F1 Racing magazine.
The 'Man of the Year' awards for F1 teams and drivers are determined by the F1 fans, and this year a record 43,000 people voted in 14 award categories. McLaren-Mercedes won six awards in total, more than any other team, with Raikkonen also taking home the 'Drive of the Year' award for his Monaco performance, and Juan Pablo Montoya honored for the 'Overtaking Maneuver of the Year' for his pass around the outside of Renault's Fernando Alonso at Silverstone.

The McLaren-Mercedes MP4-20 won 'Car of the Year' with 41.3% of the votes, F1 Racing calling the car "an all-time great."

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