We saw it coming in the concepts, but day by day we get closer to seeing more variants of the IS. Certainly, a hybrid version is going to be released, but a coupe and complementary convertible are also in the works. These variations are important for Lexus to compete with the untouchable 3-series. Besides Mercedes, BMW is the only one with such a diverse mid-size luxury sport line up. Once the E90 coupe, convertible, and wagon variants hit the showroom, it will be interesting to see how Lexus competes. Truthfully, it's going to need to step up the sporting nature of its cars. Lexuses do everything right, but they don't have the same soul that BMW manages to infuse into its cars. Will the 'relentless pursuit of perfection' put a more involved driving experience into the Lexus IS? The car won't have a shot at being perfect until it does.

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