At the Kentucky Speedway on July 16, Ford will be holding a special test drive event for NASCAR fans. The focus of the event is the new 2006 Ford Fusion. Ford is taking advantage of the NASCAR crowd, which is a huge fan base to tap into. This event also confirms what many others have already known, that the 2006 Ford NASCAR entry will be a Fusion. Not that it really matters what they call it, but it is of note with 2005 being the last year for the Taurus in NASCAR. The official debut of the Ford Fusion NASCAR stock car will be July 14th at Charlotte.

NASCAR-like promotions have increased significantly since the 'return' of the American sedan. It is not really a return, but at least a shift in focus. Chrysler promoted their new Dodge Charger sedan to the NASCAR crowd prior to release. Toyota also ran an ad campaign last month, with its products driving around a NASCAR-like track. Could be a hint at Toyota's plans to enter NASCAR?

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