A lawsuit was recently filed in Pennsylvania claims that ignition interlocks, device meant to prevent drunks from operating cars, can themselves be hazardous. Jason Teali, a 29-year old heavy smoker and two-time DUI offender, says that while driving he had to blow into the interlock Breathalyzer so vigorously that he fell unconscious and smacked into a tree. He was sober at the time of the incident. The machines require deep breaths and sustained bursts of breathing combined with humming to register a reading— the humming was added as a deterrent to keep people from using air compressors to trick the devices. Perhaps part of the problem stems from the fact that the Breathalyzer for some reason must be operated while the car is moving, instead of only right before the car is turned on. I guess this feature is to prevent sober people from getting in their cars and drinking while driving?

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