It is well known in Europe that Porsches make fine police cars. They are generally quite fast, handle like whoa, and brake with the best of them. They are also, in most cases, durable. Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Germany and Holland have all employed P-cars as police equipment, and this particular Targa is a weird combination of two of those countries: it has the orange panels of the Dutch police force, yet uses the German word Polizei in place of Rijkspolitie. The car never actually chased criminals in Europe; rather it was built for the U.S. auto show circuit, and one can speculate that Polizei split the difference between exoticism and accessibility, and the orange and white just plain looked cool. Besides the odd markings, the Targa also has a U.S.-spec flashing red light on its roof, a Euro siren, and a lamp above the rear license plate that commands you to STOP. The 911 was mostly used for promotional appearances and the very occasional cruise, which explains its odometer readout of just under 8000 miles.

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