In short: no, not really. Although the Civic has dominated the economy class for something insane like 32 years, it has a hard time keeping up with what other automakers are throwing at it. Automobile pits the Civic against four worthy opponents: the Toyota Corolla XRS, Hyundai Elantra GT, Ford Focus ST, and Mazda 3. While the Civic is the most refined vehicle in the group, and offers excellent reliability an resale value, it's simply not a particularly exciting drive when compared to the likes of the Mazda, which is the real standout in the test. Most of the other vehicles had sizable criticisms leveled against them, but the 3 offers athleticism, space, and solid build quality with its main drawback being a pricey options list. The uninspired Civic is a bit of a disappointment in comparison, and for equal money, the 3 is an easy pick.

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