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Consumers Have Logged More Than 1,000 CarMax Complaints

FTC discloses complaint number amid heightened scrutiny of advertising practices

Consumers have logged more than 1,500 complaints with the Federal Trade Commission regarding used-car seller CarMax over the past three years, according to the agency's records.

Consumer Groups Push CarMax To Be Upfront About Recalls

Deceptive advertisements could place drivers in danger, critics say

In advertisements that help sell thousands of used cars, CarMax says it pays "rigorous" attention to safety details and checks the road-readiness of each car with a meticulous 125-point inspection prior to sale. There's one big item missing on that checklist, say numerous consumer groups.

Beware Of The Following Car Dealerships When Seeking A Loan

Federal Trade Commission increases enforcement of dealerships that make deceptive promises

The sales pitch goes something like this on the showroom floor: A car salesman makes an enticing promise. "We'll pay off your car loan, no mater how much you owe!" Or "upside down on your current loan? We'll pay off your trade."

You've got mail fraud: DCX dragged into mail scam

As if the Nigerian fund wiring scheme wasn't bad enough, DaimlerChrysler is now finding themselves involved in a similar snail-mail scam. DCX's financial services unit has been working its butt off to warn people to steer clear of a mail scam that seems to be using the company's good name to dupe would-be thousandaires.