• Kicking off the list, we actually have a tie, 3 vehicles each, between the CNG Ram Van/Wagon and the Ford Crown Victoria (two CNG and one flex-fuel models were clunked). We chose to use a picture of the Crown Vic because... well, you'll see.
  • Seven Chevy Silverados were turned into $4,500 thanks to CARS. Five CNG models, a hybrid and a flex-fuel version said good-bye to being drivable. Yes, someone paid good money for a 2004 hybrid Silverado but then found the cash for clunkers offer too tempting to resist. We understand.
  • The last of the minor players on our little list, the flex-fuel Mercury Grand Marquis fleet nationwide is ten vehicles smaller thanks to CARS. Will anyone notice?
  • Finally, double digits. 58 flex-fuel Mercury Mountaineers were traded in for the clunker bounty. If you're starting to notice a Ford Motor Company trend here, you're onto something.
  • In the late 1990s, Ford sold compressed natural gas versions of the F-250. By 2009, 59 people decided that the clean-burning vehicles were no longer needed and sent them off to the clunker graveyard in the sky.
  • Ahh, the Mazda B3000. While some kids take old Mazda trucks and turn them into something emission free, 67 people decided to not go that route, instead turning these flex-fuel trucks in cold, hard cash.
  • They're big and get like 12 mpg. Is it any surprise that 89 compressed natural gas Ford E-250s were clunked? By this point, probably not to anyone at Ford.
  • Who didn't like their Ford F-150s? 98 people turned in various versions of the popular truck with CNG, LPG and dual-fuel powertrains. If you're counting, yes, this is seventh (of nine) Ford Motor Company vehicle on the list. Guess which company makes numbers 1 and 2?
  • Considering how many Ford Explorers were sold, it's no surprise that 230 flex-fuel models were clunked under CARS. We have to wonder how many never even had a taste of E85 in their lives, since the DOE says only 300,000 of the 5 million or so E85-capable vehicles in use in America in 2006 actually used the biofuel.
  • Ford, Ford, Ford. On the one hand, it makes sense that a company that produced as many alternative fuel vehicles as Ford did had a lot of them clunked, but to see 1,409 flex-fuel Ford Rangers meet their maker must have raised some alarms in Dearborn. All in all, over 2,000 of Ford's "alternative fuel" vehicles were turned into government rebate checks. Perhaps the type of fuel used to move a vehicle isn't all that important compared to how efficient it is.
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