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4.0 out of 5

Our 2008 Torrent GXP

2009-04-27 11:53:26

Took advantage of the rebates in January and was able to the GXP for the same price as a standard Torrent. Great little SUV for the money, the performaance is better than expected, although no match for the Grand Prix GXP I had before. Fuel ecomony is 23 to 6 point higher than I had the past 3 years. The spoiler top blew off in a windstorm and the service replaced the unit quickly.

2008 Pontiac Torrent

Fun to Drive

2009-03-26 18:34:45

We rented a 2008 Torrent to get us to Daytona and back in Feburary. Driving it, it feels light in the steering, but it is very responsive. It does have some pep too! The MPG truly is 24 mpg hwy. I kept track of it. A neat little feature it had was this warning came on the dash stating ice may be present on road surface. (I guess due to outside temp and humidity, the car figured there would be ice). Coming home, we hit very cold temps. and black ice on a bridge. It felt like the car slowed by itself and we never slid, like we would have in our older car. Nice safety feature! If the MPG were a bit better, I'd definitely consider getting one of these. Of course, it would have to have all the bells and whistles that our rental had! All in all, I think it was a decent auto.

2008 Pontiac Torrent

2008 Pontiac Torrent

2008-12-21 23:31:07

I think this is a wonderful vehicle. Perfect size for those who want a midsize SUV. Very roomy especially for those who don't have kids. Eventhough this is just a pleasure vehicle for me I am very pleased with it. Haven't had the chance to test drive in the snow but am confident that it will do just fine. Have never had a problem with wet roads or driving in the rain. Maybe some people just don't know how to drive in the snow and rain. Plus who wants to take such a nice vehicle and drive in the snow and take the chance of damaging it.

2008 Pontiac Torrent

pontiac torrent

2008-12-21 20:18:55

Since my husband is a GM employee we have always bought GM cars. Unfortunately I would not recommend this car. It is horrible in winter weather or rain slicked roads. We have the traction control option which doesnt do anything as far as Im concerned. I wish we would have got the all wheel drive option maybe my experience with this vehicle would have been better. Otherwise anyone looking to buy a 2008 Torrent?

2008 Pontiac Torrent

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