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2007-10-14 11:01:00

CLK I've owned my SC430 for about nine months. Originally researched the Mercedes SL and CLK models, and looked at the Nissan ZX and even the Volvo convertible models. Last car was an SL (classic) and had owned a ZX previously. But after much thought and comparison, just couldn't resist the style and luxury of the SC. Especially the interior. I still look at the beautiful wood dash and feel privilaged to own such a fine car. I'm a convertible person, and thought the SC was ahead of the curve on the hardtop convertible model. BMW has followed suit. With top up, car is perfectly quiet, with top down the wind doesn't blow you to death. The exterior is distinctive, and few drivers other can help but notice it. No getting it mixed up with other cars. An SC owner is among a select few, rarely see another one on the freeways - even in California. Trunk space is basically non-existant when top is down, but plenty of space for a couple of large suitcases when it's up. Back seat is only for the times when you must legally (seatbelts!) include 3 or 4 people for short distances. The SC has every creature comfort, except perhaps a plug in for IPOD which I would have appreciated. The acclaimed Mark Levinson sound system is very good, but not sure it's better than any other (not sure if that's the sound or my 59 year old ears). Car is capable of zooming when needed, but engine is so quiet and smooth you'll barely notice its power. And the low profile tires (run-flats) are probably the major gripe most owners have (me included). Overall, this is the finest car I've ever had the pleasure to own. And I feel blessed that life has given me the opportunity to own one.

2008 Lexus SC 430

Happy as can be

2007-09-22 10:36:00

Smooth and quiet. Hugs the road and has as secure a feeling as any other Lexus, even the AWD models. I tested all the comparable hard top convertibles and this beat them hands down. It's electronically limited at 149MPH, but I haven't checked that out just yet. Interior is elegant and the radio has great sound even at high volume. I tried using the Blue Tooth phone set up, but with the top down I couldn't hear and the caller couldn't hear me, so I disabled it. I didn't want to talk to anyone while I was cruising anyway! Truly a 'luxury sport' vehicle. I got the Tigereye Mica and people stop to tell me how elegant it looks. It can be outperformed, but nothing comes close as far as the luxury. Oh yeah, don't plan on taking any luggage or more than one passenger. With the top down there's virtually no room for anything but a briefcase, and the back seat was put in so the car qualifies as a four seater for insurance. Yep, I'm in love!

2008 Lexus SC 430

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