See the new COPO Camaro's awesomeness from many angles

Considering that the COPO Camaro exists solely to drag race, the action you'll see in this video comes as little surprise. Still, Chevrolet Performance wants to prove that the 2016 model, which uses on the sixth-gen body, is just as adept launching down the strip as previous COPOs. This example may still be testing, but its 427-cubic-inch V8 performs like a champ. The engine's raw muscle, at least when coupled with suitably wide and sticky tires, is enough to lift the front wheels when the driver puts the hammer down off the line.

This video from Chevy Performance shows off all the drag-strip action from several unexpected angles. You can watch the rear axle at work and even see the engine under the hood during the run. Our personal favorite is the shot of the launch from underneath the car – it's a perspective you never usually get to see. And, naturally, there are lots of great angles showcasing the car's massive burnout potential.

The 2016 COPO Camaro debuted at SEMA in 2015. Buyers have a choice of three V8s, and all of them come with a three-speed automatic gearbox, solid rear axle, and adjustable suspension.

Relish this opportunity to see the 2016 COPO Camaro at work, but remember, it's a rare beast. As in years past, Chevy plans to build just 69 of them. Over 5,500 people applied to get one in 2016, and the first example brought $300,000 for charity.

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