As one former president might say, it takes a lot of brass to try and scam an insurance company by staging an accident. It takes even more to attempt the scam – and not even put much effort into it.

One motorist was lucky to have his dashcam rolling when a pedestrian started running directly for his hood along a busy street in Taiwan. As the video evidence shows, the car brakes and stops approximately 30 feet before any contact is made with the ill-intended jogger.

The female jogger continues toward the vehicle, slows down, and then lunges at the car with a right forearm and sprawls herself across the hood.

The man driving the vehicle doesn't waste any time in exiting his car and letting the would-be scammer know that his dashcam had caught the entire half-hearted incident.
We aren't sure what the punishment is for insurance fraud in Taiwan, but in the U.S. it is a felony that can get a person 20 years or more from a judge.

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