Mugshot of Charles Kitchens (Credit: Spartanburg County... Mugshot of Charles Kitchens (Credit: Spartanburg County Detention Facility).
Some drunk drivers are pretty nervy, but Charles Kitchens takes the cake, or should that be chicken.

The 39-year old drove his car into a chicken take-out shop on Main Street in Spartanburg, SC earlier this month and began cursing at the workers despite it being him that caused damage to the place.

And when police showed up asking Kitchens to voluntarily take a field sobriety test, he agreed only on condition that police buy him some chicken. Apparently, the liquor had had consumed brought on the munchies and he was willing to do almost anything for a few wings and thighs.

The police report, according to, said that officers asked Kitchens if we would participate in a field-sobriety test, to which he replied, "I'll do your test if you get me some chicken to go." Officers explained to Kitchens, however, that the restaurant was then closed, but he agreed to the test anyway.

Not surprisingly, Kitchens failed the test, and officers found two cans of beer and a blended alcoholic drink inside his car. He was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and having no driver's license in his possession. He was released from jail on a $1,089 bond.

Some common field sobriety tests include balancing on one leg, walking in a straight line, and reciting the alphabet backwards. However, you are not legally required to take these tests. And many lawyers, in fact, strongly recommend against performing these tests. Since the officer is not likely to ask you to take these tests unless he or she is already planning on arresting you, there is nothing to be gained by going through with them.

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