Mahle, EVO Electric developing 2-cylinder range-extending engine

Mahle, a leading manufacturer of components and systems for combustion engines, has teamed with EVO Electric Ltd., a company that specializes in electric drive solutions for the transportation sector, to develop a two-cylinder range-extending engine for electric-drive vehicles.

The engine, a "clean sheet" design optimized for cost, weight, NVH and size, is a 900cc, four-stroke gasoline unit that churns out 30 kilowatts (40.8 horsepower) at 4,000 rpm. An axial flux generator has been integrated within the engine's crankcase, providing a compact, modular solution. Minimum fuel consumption of the Euro 6-compliant engine is claimed to be 240 grams per kilowatt-hour. A key feature of the engine is its oiling system, which enables the range extender to be installed vertically or horizontally. The range-extending engine, including the generator, tips the scales at a scant 70 kilograms (154 pounds).

Under terms of the partnership, EVO Electric will design and manufacture generators based on its advanced axial flux technology and Mahle will handle engine design, development, manufacturing and marketing. The engine is currently undergoing extensive testing at Mahle's headquarters in Northampton, UK.

[Source: Mahle (pdf)]

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