Rename the post-spill BP, win a can of anchovies in oil!

When a major public relations calamity strikes a large corporation. the situation can be addressed in multiple ways. The best approach is surely to address the problem quickly and effectively and rely on the public to recognize that you've done the right thing. Such a tactic worked remarkably well for Johnson & Johnson following the Tylenol poisoning incident in 1982. The other major approach is to obfuscate, spin and ultimately re-brand.

When you have a situation as horrendous as the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, simply changing the logo probably won't be enough... and when that's the case, might we suggest that the company takes advantage of the fact we live in the United States of Amnesia. For example, how many readers do you think are familiar with Altria Group? Not sure yourself? Click on the link. With this in mind, The Detroit Bureau is holding a contest to rename BP, thus wiping the slate clean of all its sins. The winner will be awarded a can of anchovies packed in oil.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau | Image: Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

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