The slim profile that is the Quantya line-up is about to alter its silhouette in the form of a new model, or so the company would seem to tease in a recent tweet. Presented for our postulating pleasure was a picture of their latest product veiled in a crimson red cloth with a promise of a reveal at the upcoming Swiss-Moto event in Zürich. Being the impatient people we are, we couldn't help but take some stabs at what lies beneath the shroud and so relying on our knowledge of the company and its history (and with some help from the software wonder that is Photoshop) we've ventured a few guesses. One concoction we can count out straight away is the Frankensnowbike, since the hem of the harboring garment is lifted just enough in front to see a bit of black tire rubber.

Hit the jump to look at our photo manipulations and leave your own conjecture in the comments section. If you don't feel like straining your brain, no need to leave quite so soon. Skip to the bottom of the page where we placed a sweet video Quantya has put together of their present piece of sweetness in competitive combat at last year's Ride Green Eco Enduro.

[Source: Quantya]

Race bike to contest the TTXGP?

Could the cloth conceal a competitor to contest one of the TTXGP 's three series this coming racing season? If so, the lines certainly don't follow those of the Brammo entry with its forward-leaning fascia and high saddle position.

Just to double-check we tried out the first rendering of the Motoczysz race bike which seems to confirm our suspicions to the extant that this somewhat crude way of comparison offers.

Electric dual sport?

Here we attempt to match it up with the Zero S from what is seen by some as its closest natural competing company, Zero Motorcycles. Again the seating position seems higher on the Zero and it does seem as though the hidden one lacks a similar front fender. Hmmm.

Super-sized Scooter?

How does a Quantya maxi-scooter sound? It does seem like it has a similar form to the Vectrix, no? The wheels are smaller though and it does seem quite a distance from the companies dirt-bike heritage. Is it ixnay on the axi-mooter skay?

Commuter bike?

Our last guess (hey, we've better things to do than play with Photoshop all day!) brings us back to another Brammo design in the form of that company's Enertia commuter cycle. Certainly there are differences here as well, though the seat and handle bar heights seem similar. However, the wheel base on the Quantya does seem significantly longer.

We have to conclude that we don't know what it is for sure but our suspicions lie more toward a street product for the consumer market. Unless there is an early wardrobe malfunction though, we are just going to have to wait until the magic date of Feburary the 18th. Until then, feel free to unleash your own speculation in the spaces provided below the crazy Quantya video.

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