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If you spot a Zero S electric motorcycle resembling the one pictured above – possibly in the New York Metropolitan area – being driven like it's stolen, chances are it probably was. A sad milestone was met on the weekend when the first theft of a battery-powered bike was reported to authorities in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The supermoto-style street machine, owned by The Veggie Van Organization (the folks with the algae-fueled Prius) and bearing the "MFG 7A 43245" license plate, was liberated from the back of a parked van despite the heavy cable lock in place to secure it. It's doubted that the thief was attracted to the early production S for its low carbon footprint and may be surprised to learn that they are in illegal possession of one of a very few examples of this model since it hasn't begun shipping to regular customers yet. Even in white, stripped of its Fuel movie promotional wrap, the Zero S sticks out and easily attracts attention to itself. Not ideal for a "hot" ride.

If you do happen to spot someone quietly zipping along, simultaneously grinning at the pleasure electric drive gives, yet looking furtive, do not attempt to apprehend. Contact the authorities and do your bit for both crime-fighting and the environment. Hit the jump for a look at the trailer of Fuel, the film the motorcycle was helping promote.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles via Electric Motorcycles Forum]

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