Green options for your last ride have traditionally included a horse-drawn hearse or something a tad less tasteful, like this Smaaart. Now, a vehicle we first heard about some time ago has become reality: an all-electric hearse called Ion (and totally unrelated to Saturn). The Ion is made by a Spanish company called Bergadana Solutions and is an all-electric car that has a maximum speed of 40 km/h (25 mph). On sale since December, at least seven Spanish cemeteries have ordered their units. The idea to create a vehicle like this came from Philippe Verhelle, Bergadana CEO: "I had always hated the sound regular hearses made when we walked behind," he said. In Spain, relatives and friends walking behind the hearse to the cemetery during funerals. Now, there will be no engine sound to drown out the tears.
[Source: El Periódico]

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