Premier4509 announces Bentley Continental GT aero body kit

Click above for more high-res pics of the Premier4509 Bentley Conti GT

If you are keeping yourself up at night worrying that your Bentley Continental GT isn't exclusive enough... lose the insomnia by making a quick call to Premier4509. The performance-oriented Japanese-based company specializes in "automotive fashions" (we didn't make that up), and they have just announced a Limited Edition wide-body aero kit for the twin-turbo twelve-cylinder Bentley coupe.

The hand-made kit, constructed primarily of a carbon fiber/FRP mix, includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, fenders and quarter panels. Once installed, your beloved Bentley will have increased its width by four full inches -- perfect to hide those new forged billet aluminum wheels with the deep lips. Of course, you'll be offered a choice of two rear wings, and a new set of exhaust tips to match. Premier4509 seems to have addressed all of the high-end aero body kit concerns, except for one: How do you get that front spoiler into a driveway?

[Source: Premier4509]

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