2007 Holiday Sweepstakes Day 4: Set of Kumho ECSTA DX Aroma tires

The holidays have a lot to do with smells: the musty scent of the tree after it's been trimmed, the taste of turkey in your nose after it's been set on the table, and the fresh lavender smell of your tires after driving over the river and through the woods to get to Grandmother's house. That's right, the prize for Day 4 of Autoblog's Holiday Sweepstakes is a set of Ultra High Performance Kumho ECSTA DX Aroma tires. Not only does this rolling rubber offer better grip than your standard fare from the factory, but special oils in the tread compound release a pleasant lavender scent after they've been warmed up. After getting a whiff of these, Grandma will want you to do burnouts in her driveway this year.

Keep in mind these tires are made in general for high-end luxury sedans, but Kumho will help determine what size it offers best suits your car.

How to Enter: Just leave a single comment on this post (if you leave two or more, all will be disqualified).

Simple Rules:
  • 1 winner will be randomly selected at 12:00PM EST Friday, 12/14/07
  • You may enter today's sweepstakes only once
  • Only residents of the United States are eligible
  • You must be at least 18 to enter
Click here to view official rules and come back every day this week around noon to see what else we're giving away. Happy Holidays from your friendly neighborhood Autoblog!

NOTE: We have already randomly chosen 1 winner for yesterday's sweepstakes and will be in contact shortly. Feel free to enter today's sweepstakes if you're eligible, and if you happen to be a previous Holiday Sweepstakes winner, your entry in today's sweepstakes will automatically not count.

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