Pop quiz, Hot Shot: On what side of the car do you fill your tank?

Easy question, huh? For most the answer is as close as sticking your head out the window and craning your neck for a look at the rear fender. No protruding bump from the fuel filler door's finger lip? It's on the other side then. There are, however, subtle clues right on your dash that indicate which side of the car should be sit next to the pump. Somewhere around the fuel gauge is usually placed an icon of a gas pump, next to which many manufacturers put an arrow pointing either left or right. Couldn't be more obvious than that, right? Well, not all cars feature the obvious arrow, and these cars may employ some subtler signs to point you in the right direction. We hadn't realized this, but some automakers will point the right way by which side of the gas pump icon they place the nozzle (see above photo). This was pointed out on Core77, a blog devoted to the art of industrial design. Rather ingenious, we thought, until a quick dive into our photo galleries revealed at least one exception to the rule. The 2007 Acura TSX we recently had in the Autoblog Garage features the fuel filler door on the driver's side of the car, while the gas pump icon near the fuel gauge seems to indicate it should be on the passenger side. Doh! This is way too complicated, we're going back to sticking our heads out the window.

Thanks for the tip, Strongbadinator!

[Source: Core77.com]

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