Pioneer bus using urea injection runs in Europe

We and our readers are familiar with urea injection system thanks to Mercedes' BlueTec technology (aka CleanTDI at Volkswagen). Until now, these systems had been announced in passenger vehicles geared to the US market but the city of Málaga (Spain) has announced that it's purchasing one bus equipped with this urea injection technology aimed to reduce NOx emissions. Until now, news about clean diesels in Europe featured DPF (Diesel Particullate Filters) and little about these urea injection devices.

The vehicle (its manufacturer has not been announced) has a cost of 220,000 EUR and it's supposed to reduce pollution from the tailpipe by 20 percent when compared to current offerings in the public bus market. Málaga's bus company has also the ISO 14000 environmental certification and is also running its vehicles with biodiesel, consuming 1.1 million liters in 2006. To further the environmental initatives of the company, plans have been announced to add a CNG fleet by the end of 2008.

Do any of our readers know if a system like this is being used by other bus companies in Europe?


[Source: Europa Press]

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