GM: Buy the Volt, rent the battery?

To keep the price of the Volt low, GM is considering renting the battery. I guess that explains the use of the term "consumer cost" when Lutz said the Volt would cost under $30,000. I have to admit, GM is planning some innovative things. I thought the series hybrid was innovative enough. Now renting parts of cars? This might change everything.

I wonder if E-Flex will incorporate aspects of GM's skateboard concept? Think about it, if you rent the battery and I guess buy the car, if I stop paying for the battery, don't I keep the car and you take the battery? I wonder if they will have a used battery market? This battery was only used by an old lady to go to church on Sundays. It has 10 years left easy, I promise :D

I wonder if they sell the car without the battery? THAT would be interesting! Who knows what they will do? It will probably be something in the contract for buying the car. This could be a real money-maker for them. Think of the recurring revenue coming from a car with rented parts? ...maybe this is not such a great deal for consumers after all. I have never seen a good contract for long term rentals.

[Source: Financial Times]

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