Chevy Cobalt sales on the rise

It seems that the Chevy Cobalt has become quite the bright spot for GM. Through August, Cobalt sales are at 163,300 -- up 10% versus last year, when they sold 212,700 total. The rise in sales has reportedly prompted the General to consider bumping up its 2007 forecast for Cobalt by 24,000.

GM won't comment on the possible forecast adjustment, but it did confirm that additional overtime has been approved for the Lordstown, OH plant where the car is built. Sounds to us like more Cobalts are in the works.

Since we're talking about Cobalt sales being up, we'd like to take this opportunity to encourage GM to drop the blown 2.0L Ecotec into the engine bay of its Cobalt SS sedan (above). We have a feeling that there's a market for just such a car, seeing as Honda just unveiled their Civic Si sedan. This'd be a good time to answer with a supercharged Cobalt 4-door, don't you think?


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