As an owner of a "tri-9" ('94-'96) Impala SS, I seem to be the target audience for those who think that the new '06 Impala SS somehow measures up to the ol' B-body. There are quite a few reasons why I don't want a new Lumina Impala SS; here are two examples.

Mike Whitehouse from G-FORCE Motorsports has a nasty '96 Impala SS (pictured above) with a GenIII - commonly referred to as the LS1 - installed in place of the stock GenII LT1. It's punched out to 454 cubes, taking advantage of the C5R block that was used in the buildup, and makes a rather stout 529 HP at the rear wheels. That's good enough to have recently punted it to a stunning 10.783-second ET at 124.86 MPH on just the motor.

Arguably more impressive yet is the new record for a LT1-based Impala SS, set by Voss Boreta's supercharged '96 Impala SS. Built by the guys at Combination Motorsports, it can now claim a 9.860-second pass with trap speed of 136.61 MPH. For a car that weighs 4240 lbs, that's downright amazing.

There's details on both cars and many other fast Impalas at the link below.

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