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For those times when you want to ask Jeeves to just go away, Rolls Royce offers you the Phantom division wall package that erects a transparent screen between the front and rear seat occupants. An adjustable aperture can be opened in the lower center of the divider to facilitate communication between the two camps, if necessary. The package also includes a drop down plasma screen, a cool box to chill your bubbly and special reading lights. The new features are manufactured by the Bespoke engineering team in Goodwood, England, who handle all of the custom requests made by the rich and famous Rolls clientele. The division wall package will go on sale first in the Middle East and then in Japan in December where it will add roughly the equivalent of $48,892 to the $418,000 asking price there of an extended wheelbase Phantom.

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[Source: Rolls Royce]

Rolls Royce Phantom division wall package 450 PR PhotoRolls Royce Phantom division wall package 450 PR Photo

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