We haven't seen hide nor hair (nor big gold badge nor spinner) of the 2007 Cadillac Escalade, hence the lack of a picture, but Caddy's already calling it the "King of Bling." The "King" will be chock-full of goodies such as 22-inch wheels, a high-end chrome grille, fancy interior lighting and higher-quality materials.

Two years ago, GM got with over 30 NBA big shots, rappers, and other "influencers" (that's your marketing vocabulary word of the day!) to make the next Cadillac Escalade exactly what the target demo wants. A month ago, the focus group came back together for a private showing and was apparently blown away by how little they'll have to do in the way of aftermarket restyling. The "King of Bling" should be available in showrooms early 2006.

Thanks to Daniel H for the free web link — I was going to give you all another link to Automotive News, which makes some of you sans access very unhappy.

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