Wake up Detroit when September ends, because this isn't going to go down as one of the better sales months in recent history. GM is holding down only 19.1% of the market so far this month. Contrast that with its year-ago market share of 28%. Ford is coming in with 17.3%, while Chrysler is capturing 12.7%. For import brands, things are looking much better. Toyota captured 15.5% of the market, while Honda jumped nearly 3% to 13.2% and Nissan grabbed an additional point of share and climbed to 8.0%. Overall market sales are at 12.7 million annualized units, which is a drop of over 30% from July, and 12% lower than year-ago levels. The driving factors are said to be - to no one's surprise - the effects of higher fuel prices, Hurricane Katrina's economic impact, and the end of employee discount promotions.

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