So the Cadillac Escalade with a set of 24-inch spinners wasn't enough, and the spinner belt buckle only wetted your appetite? You still need more bling-bling? Well, your wait is over. Dada Supreme has partnered with Sprewell Motorsports and Lexani Luxury Wheels to bring you a shoe that feaures a to-scale model of the spinning rims on Latrel Sprewell's car. Yes, you read that right, spinners on a basketball shoe. Because truth is often stranger than fiction, here is a excerpt direct from the product description:

The shoe signifies a new movement towards collaboration between shoe companies and other industries.   Although two of DADA Supreme's previous shoes were inspired by car designs, this is a unique partnership because an exact replica of the rim of the shoe will be produced by Lexani Luxury Wheels and made available at Lexani partners worldwide.   While a set of rims costs approximately $8500 for a set of four, the Spree's for your feet will retail for $110.   "Because of the pricing," a DADA representative stated, "anyone can own a pair of spinning rims.   They may not be on your car, but you can still have the look." 

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