The Lotec Sirius is just now borne of the efforts of former German racing champion Kurt Lotterschmid, nearly ten years after the concept was introduced. The slippery supercar uses the same Benz V12 in the Pagani Zonda, and two turbochargers are tossed in for good measure, to bump the output to 850 hp and 737 lb./ft. of torque. Of course, I cannot legally neglect to mention that this power is shuttling a frame that only weighs a tinch over 3000 lbs.; so, needless to say, the Lotec is freaking quick, hitting 120 mph in the time it takes most reasonably sprightly cars to crawl to 60. Besides being fast, the Lotec is also fairly comfy for a supercar, with power steering, ABS, A/C, and electronic traction control. The new MB engine from the SL65 AMG will be brought in this year to facilitate worldwide servicing, but with a maximum production of five cars a year, you can be reasonably sure that your local mech hasn't wrenched a Lotec before.

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