Built on Mercedes' SLK floorpan, the 2005 Chrysler Crossfire Roadster is similar to the coupe in that it makes use of the same slippery silhouette, same 215-hp V6, and same six-speed transmission. Where it improves on the coupe is in its natural disposition— it just plain feels better as a roadster, with expanded headroom that works to cure the coupe's claustrophobic dimensions. The roof is a semi-automatic folding hardtop that steals about a cubic foot from the trunk space and collapses under a Ferrari-esque clamshell cover. The convertible's ample wheels and tires hang on to any available asphalt, and the ride quality is a nice blend of sport and comfort. The Crossfire Roadster starts at a reasonable $34,960, and also exists in Limited form, which brings power heated leather seats, an upgraded stereo and custom luggage, for $38,920.

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