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General Motors continues its turnaround by posting a 4.7% increase in sales last month versus last year, bolstered mostly by the 68.6% increase at Saturn and a strong showing from GMC (8.6%) and Pontiac (13.7%). Likewise, Toyota contiues its positive growth with an increase of 10.9% for the brand and 9.7% for the company including Lexus. The gain by Toyota put it ahead of Ford as the No. 2 best-selling automaker in the U.S. last month. Ford, meanwhile, saw sales dip by 10.4%, which it claims is due to an ongoing effort to reduce fleet sales. It claims retail sales were nearly flat, helped by the Edge, new Escape and Expedition, among others. The Chrysler Group, meanwhile, remained flat, despite the monster effort by Jeep, which saw sales of the Wrangler increase by 106%!

The rest of the industry's performance by brand can be found after the jump.

Biggest Winner
Saturn 68.6% at 26,905 (05/06: 15,347)

Biggest Loser
Jaguar –44.1% at 1,379 (05/06: 2,374)

BMW Group 4.5% at 30,819 (05/06: 28,360)
Chrysler Group 0.2% at 199,393 (05/06: 191,261)
Ford Motor Co –10.4% at 259,470 (05/06: 278,546)
General Motors 4.7% at 375,682 (05/06: 345,157)
Honda America –1.4% at 145,367 (05/06: 141,810)
Nissan North America 3.2% at 93,062 (05/06: 86,667)
Toyota Motor Co. 9.7% at 269,023 (05/06: 235,708)

DISCLAIMER: All percentages represent the change in the Daily Average Sales Rate. There were 26 selling days in May 2007 versus 25 selling days in May 2006. As such, an automaker that sold more vehicles last month than the year prior did not necessarily show a positive increase.

Acura –5.3% at 15,920 (05/06: 16,171)
Audi 18.7% at 8,788 (05/06: 7,120)
BMW 3.9% at 26,689 (05/06: 24,688)
Buick –15.9% at 17,087 (05/06: 19,533)
Cadillac –9.7% at 17,380 (05/06: 18,510)
Chevrolet 1.6% at 220,870 (05/06: 209,108)
Chrysler –8.2% at 53,157 (05/06: 55,680)
Dodge–0.6% at 103,366 (05/06: 99,976)
Ford –12.9% at 212,572 (05/06: 234,655)
GMC 8.6% at 48,336 (05/06: 42,809)
Honda –0.9% at 129,447 (05/06: 125,639)
HUMMER –5.9% at 4,636 (05/06: 4,737)
Infiniti 5.6% at 10,748 (05/06: 9,786)
Isuzu –9.8% at 1,271 (05/06: 1,355)
Jaguar –44.1% at 1,379 (05/06: 2,374)
Jeep 15.7% at 42,870 (05/06: 35,605)
Kia 3.4% at 28,494 (05/06: 26,494)
Land Rover 3.1% at 4,269 (05/06: 3,981)
Lexus 2.0% at 31,847 (05/06: 29,999)
Lincoln 23.0% at 13,880 (05/06: 10,847)
Mercedes –3.1% at 21,771 (05/06: 21,621)
Mercury 5.5% at 18,178 (05/06: 16,565)
MINI 8.1% at 4,130 (05/06: 3,672)
Mitsubishi 11.0% at 13,651 (05/06: 11,821)
Nissan 2.9% at 82,314 (05/06: 76,881)
Pontiac 13.7% at 36,325 (05/06: 30,728)
Porsche –2.2% at 3,600 (05/06: 3,541)
Saab –8.9% at 2,872 (05/06: 3,030)
Saturn 68.6% at 26,905 (05/06: 15,347)
Subaru –4.6% at 16,282 (05/06: 16,406)
Toyota 10.9% at 237,176 (05/06: 205,709)
Volkswagen –2.9% at 22,325 (05/06: 22,100)
Volvo –12.7% at 9,142 (05/06: 10,124)


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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      I spotted an other forum, the sales numbers in Canada
      http://www.cbc.ca/cp/business/070601/b060162A.html#skip300x250 Ford does better in Canada then the US, seems the old French proverb "nul n'est prophète en son pays" (approximate translation: "no one is prophet on his own country) could fit Ford.
        • 8 Years Ago
        I looked at the list and Total sales between the big 3 were quite interesting in Canada. Seems that the General sold 45,359 units, Chrysler 25,605 and Ford 25,218 units - all 3 including other divisions. Chrysler is looking not too bad...nice to see that they are ahead of Ford. I sure hope they can have a future again - like before Daimler raped and pillaged the company and left them for dead.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow, you get pissed because she doesn't like Toyota and you ... drag her sex into it? Way to go champ you fail at the internet.

      BTW, Toyota will soon become a ghost of what it once was with a boat load of new issues and problems. They're on the top of the heap now and only one way to go. I'm a guy too so good luck insulting me.
        • 8 Years Ago
        way to support your claim with evidence, especially when this data completely contradicts what you just said.

        and about, saturn, why are they selling so much? I'd say that saturn and pontiac are the probably the worst two branches of gm. i've read some really awful reviews about them. anybody know what car gave saturn its victory?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Just thought you all would like to know that Toyota makes money simply by the USD/Yen currency exchange rate (because of federal interest rates and such). Toyota makes $2000 on something like a Camry simply because of the exchange rate. Lexus, on the other hand, makes more around $10,000 per vehicle. Now, given that coupled with Japan's weak economy and then throw in the fact that the US auto industry is AMERICA's highest exported product it seems any AMERICAN that buys a Japanese made (or of a Japanese nameplate, as that is where the final dollar ends up) is a complete moron.
        • 8 Years Ago
        I'm glad everyone in America is not as stupid as you.

        By the way, should I buy a Nissan Altima, which is built in AMERICA, by AMERICAN workers, or should I buy the Ford Fusion, which is built in Mexico?
        • 8 Years Ago
        You are awesome, finally people can see through the lies. Toyota and all the Japaneese automakers have an unfair advantage.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Mercury's Individual Model Sale Numbers.
      Grand Marquis May 2007 6,371 Up 25.6%

      Grand Marquis May 2006 5,071
      Montego May 2007 1,206 Down 38.4%

      Montego May 2006 1,959
      Mercury's Mid-Size Sedan

      Milan May 2007 3,480 Up 13.0%

      Milan May 2006 3,081
      Mercury's SUV's

      Mariner May 2007 4,395 Up 87.1% (Includes Hybrid)

      Mariner May 2006 2,349 (Includes Hybrid)
      Mountaineer May 2007 2,609 Down 29.0%

      Mountaineer May 2006 3,677
      Mercury's Minivan

      Monterey May 2007 116 Down 72.9%

      Monterey May 2006 428
      I don't know if many people even care about Mercury sales but I do and i am sure that some others out there do so there here you want to take a look.

      That information can be found at Media.Ford.com or Bluovalnews.com
      • 8 Years Ago
      Toyota has been running cash back discounts on every model, with 0% financing for 60 months. They are really pushing to be no. 1 in the US, but folks it won't happen. Not only is "The General" rearming but Toyota is on the cusp of a quality meltdown, every one of their cars and trucks have some sort of quality problem. My neighbor just traded a Camry for a Tahoe and the reasons are poor quality and poor performance. The public is catching on, Toyota builds cars on the cheap mechanically, and it shows up in their engines, as well other performance related ways.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow Jeep sales up 106% due to Wrangler sales!Sounds like a good business case for that little Jeep pick-up everyone at autoblog liked!Looks like theres alot of design equity in that traditional tough Jeep look.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I cant believe Toyota sold 50,126 Camrys. Thats great.
      50,126 divided by 1600 dealers is 40 per month. That means every salesperson sold several Camrys during the month. Everybody Happy.

      I cant believe how poorly the Fusion is selling. Ford sold 14,279 Fusions last month. That is down 4.4% !!

      With 4600 dealrs thats 3 Fusions per dealer for the whole month. I wonder how many knuckles and heads were broken by the salespeople trying to grab the 3 customers that bought one. Everybody Sad.
        • 8 Years Ago
        Ford wouldn't have a problem selling mid-size cars if they sold the Mondeo instead of the Fusion.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "If I made you believe those four then I succeeded."

      Oh, you succeeded alright, but not at being believable.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Wo Greek Boy!
      You mean you believed the first three-four sentences I wrote?
      1-Toyota has been runing cash back on every model
      2-0% Financing on all
      3-Every car has some sort of a quality problem
      4-My friend traded his Camry for a Tahoe

      If I made you believe those four then I succeeded.
      • 8 Years Ago
      If you had not exagerated to the extent that you did and did not lie as much as you did, I along with everyone else would have believed what you said. Instead after the first 3-4 sentences I totally dismissed you.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Sorry but you are completely wrong. If you think you are correct please provide a link to an economist or a professor or a study that backs what you say. Currency value is what many people think is the reason, but it is inccorect.

      Secondly, America's highest export comodoty has been Planes for the last 61 years straight. Boeing is America's largest exporter.

      Secondly, If you want to support your country you need to buy products made in your country. Fusion built in Mexico does not count. A fusion has 2,000 profit that comes to Detroit. The other $20,000 cost of the car goes to Mexico.

      If profit was so important why is America so against outsourcing then? DELL just layed off 8,000 people yesterday and will shift production to China. They will import computers now. Profit goes up but America hurts.

      Same witt all other companies.

      What you want is not profit!!! Its the rest of it. Japanese workers hate it when Toyota opens plants in USA. They lose jobs. Out of a $30,000 camry, $2,000 goes to japan rest stays here.

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