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The numbers are in for December, the last month of 2006, and it appears that those year-end sales drives produced results for many brands. We haven't seen this much green on the sales chart all the year. Congrats go to Kia for being the months Biggest Winner by posting a 66% sales gain over last year, and our sympathies once again go out to Jaguar, the Biggest Loser again this month, which on average sold 34% less this month. Strong gains were also posted by Audi (39.7%), BMW (21%), Hyundai (19.56%), Toyota (18.1%) and, look out, Saturn (41.8%). Last year at this time, however, Saturn was a three-vehicle brand, whereas this year it's been bolstered by the Aura, Sky Roadster, and even the Outlook, which tacked on 144 sales despite only being on sale for a fraction of the month.

BMW's strong sales overcame the small deficit of the MINI brand to give the group as a whole a 20% increase in sales for the month, but again it's Toyota that continues to astonish with a 16.6% gain in December to follow up on its 15.9% jump in November. Both Ford and General Motors saw their sales fall over 9%, and Toyota Motor Co. was just over 5,000 units away from passing FoMoCo for the No. 2 sales spot in the U.S. this month. Toyota can take heart, however, its namesake division bested the Ford brand in December by just 173 units, making it the second-best selling brand in the U.S. behind Chevrolet for the month.

Keep an eye out for our By The Numbers: 2006 yearly wrap-up post later day.

Biggest Winner
Kia66% at 30,004 (12/05: 18,767)

Biggest Loser
Jaguar–34% at 1,553 (12/05: 2,445)

Acura 6.3% at 19,056 (12/05: 18,621)
Audi 39.7% at 11,897 (12/05: 8,842)
BMW 21% at 30,945 (12/05: 24,464)
Buick –24.5% at 15,986 (12/05: 22,002)
Cadillac 2.8% at 22,715 (12/05: 22,946)
Chevrolet –12.9% at 194,369 (12/05: 231,628)
Chrysler 11% at 55,839 (12/05: 52,208)
Dodge 9% at 88,489 (12/05: 84,023)
Ford –11.2% at 190,914 (12/05: 223,324)
GMC –14.4% at 41,770 (12/05: 50,688)
Honda 2.5% at 112,722 (12/05: 114,179)
HUMMER –10.9% at 6,928 (12/05: 8,079)
Hyundai 19.56% at 43,021 (12/05: 37,365)
Infiniti 5.9% at 13,112 (12/05: 12,856)
Isuzu 9.56% at 2,566 (12/05: 2,432)
Jaguar –34% at 1,553 (12/05: 2,445)
Jeep –10% at 46,087 (12/05: 53,218)
Kia 66% at 30,004 (12/05: 18,767)
Land Rover –9.65% at 6,014 (12/05: 6,913)
Lexus 9.9% at 37,235 (12/05: 35,186)
Lincoln 5.44% at 12,806 (12/05: 12,612)
Mazda 7.94% at 19,912 (12/05: 19,156)
Mercedes –6.39% at 28,115 (12/05: 31,192)
Mercury 6.16% at 13,809 (12/05: 13,507)
MINI 5.38% at 2,472 (12/05: 2,436)
Mitsubishi 6.39% at 9,910 (12/05: 9,673)
Nissan 4.2% at 78,663 (12/05: 78,397)
Pontiac –6.2% at 32,772 (12/05: 36,288)
Porsche 3.95% at 2,947 (12/05: 2,944)
Saab 32.7% at 3,535 (12/05: 2,766)
Saturn 41.8% at 20,686 (12/05: 15,145)
Subaru 7.46% at 20,613 (12/05: 19,919)
Suzuki 14% at 7,317 (12/05: 6,662)
Toyota 18.1% at 191,087 (12/05: 168,093)
Volkswagen –20.2% at 19,942 (12/05: 25,956)
Volvo –2.5% at 8,525 (12/05: 9,080)

BMW Group 20% at 33,417 (12/05: 28,900)
Chrysler Group 4% at 190,415 (12/05: 189,449)
Ford Motor Co –9.43% at 233,621 (12/05: 267,881)
General Motors –9.6% at 341,327 (12/05: 392,041)
Honda America 3.0% at 131,778 (12/05: 132,800)
Nissan North America 4.4% at 91,775 (12/05: 91,253)
Toyota Motor Co. 16.6% at 228,322 (12/05: 203,279)

Note: December of 2005 had 27 selling days, whereas December of 2006 had 26 selling day. On acount of this, all percentages reflect a change in the daily average sales rate, not the difference in the number of raw units sold each month. The percentages, in effect, reflect the difference in how many vehicles were sold per day on average during each month.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow, even Saab is up over 30%? That's quite remarkable considering their aging/boring lineup... But I'm a fan anyway :)
      • 8 Years Ago
      #29 jim, #34 me -

      Holy crap. You guys are completely clueless. After they rest of us had a FULL DISCUSSION about the statistics involved you're STILL in the dark.

      Why didn't anyone notice CADILLAC? Too busy looking for "pro-japan bias"? Why didn't you read for a description of the number's meaning before commenting? No desire to be informed before opening your mouth?

      Holy cluelessness, Batman.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I hope GM takes this as a sign to stop those irritating and misguided "This is our country" ads. I know I'll never buy a Chevy after an ad campaign that featured 9/11, WWII, and not a single minority to be found.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Chewy is 100% right - image is huge. Toyota's image says they are reliable, and Chevy's image says they make crap. Whether or not that's true doesn't matter in the short term - its' the image and pereption.
      If quality was the only thing that mattered, Hyundai would be huge, with their pricing advantage and solid quality these days.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Anyone know how the new GM pickups did?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Hey #11 Honda selling without incentives? open your eyes they are offering free gas for a year, that can add up to $2000 these days.
      • 8 Years Ago
      #23 Mark
      "No one picked up on the obvious Japanese bias for Honda?

      The got a green arrow while the numbers adjacent to it do not indicate green, but rather red.

      Something isn't right."

      You simply don't know what you're talking about. Why on earth do you conclude that it is pro-japan conspiracy? Take a look at cadillac, super-genius. Here's a hint: the numbers don't mean what you think they mean.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "But it doesn't change how horrible these ads are to anyone who isn't in the target white middle america demographic."

      Yes, Steve, I'm with you. It's so hip to hate whitey isn't it? Everything is the fault of the whitey.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I meant 46 second mark on the first video and not 48.
      • 8 Years Ago
      wait...wasn't it two months ago that everyone said Chrysler Group was gonna fail? now THEY are the ones with the increases. hmmm, maybe y'all were wrong 2 months ago...I'm thinking that all you who know nothing were wrong..OH, and that "ugly" Sebring...over 12,000 units in december. not bad for an ugly car, and the washed up 300...16,000 units...I believe it's best month yet. Wow...look at all that proof you were WRONG
      • 8 Years Ago
      Don't call me Taco FMJ, it's not my food of choice, if it were anything it'd be Massmun Curry, Shrimp Tempura or Tandoori Chicken, as opposed to say... Graham Crackers.

      Want to talk about drains on the economy of the USA? Do a little research and find out how much California pays into the Federal coffers vs what it uses. Then, check to see what the flyover states use vs, take in.

      Face it, we'd be better off without you guys, and with 30 million licensed drivers, Californa represents a forced to be reckoned with by any auto manufacturer.

      Also, just for the record, the chance that the treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo of 1848 being reversed is practically nil, so get your facts straight.
      • 8 Years Ago

      Mitsubishi keeps pushing at 10k. Maybe the new Lancer will do it.

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