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The October sales figure for nearly every manufacturer are out, and as you can see, there's a lot of little green arrows below. The stellar performances this month are most likely due to the fact that last year this time is when the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita combined with the end of big incentives depressed sales across the industry. A win's a win, though, and the winners for the month include all the multi-brand automakers save for BMW and its MINI brand. The whole of General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler were all up, as were Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. It was the performance of the two companies trying to negotiate turnarounds, General Motors and Ford, that really surprised us. In fact, every brand in the General's fold showed an increase in sales during October compared with the same month last year, propelling the company to an impressive 21.6% increase in sales. Ford managed to post an 8.1% increase in sales, it's second monthly sales increase in a row, as Jaguar's fall of 22.3% on 1,366 units sold and Volvo's decrease of 3.3% had little impact overall. Toyota again outpaced its Japanese rivals with a rise in sales of 13.6% overall with the Toyota brand posting a 14.6% gain. The Ford brand, however, remained the most popular outselling both Toyota and Chevrolet. We'll end the analysis here as the SEMA show floor is beckoning, but would like to note that the percentages below represent the change in daily sales average of each company, not the change in the raw number of vehicles sold. This is due to the fact that there were 25 selling days this month versus 26 days in October, 2005.

Acura 0.7% at 15,877 (10/05: 16,398)
Audi –3.4% at 6,431 (10/05: 6,659)
BMW –7.2% at 20,822 (10/05: 22,432)
Buick 20.1% at 15,541 (10/05: 13,462)
Cadillac 18.9% at 17,052 (10/05: 14,917)
Chevrolet 17.5% at 171,890 (10/05: 152,093)
Chrysler –16% at 41,635 (10/05: 51,766)
Dodge 0.0% at 77,654 (10/05: 80,617)
Ford 10.2% at 183,188 (10/05: 166,266)
GMC 66.2% at 38,776 (10/05: 24,258)
Honda 4.3% at 94,747 (10/05: 94,497)
HUMMER 2.6% at 5,565 (10/05: 5,640)
Hyundai 3.6% 30,479 (10/05: 29,413)
Infiniti –1.8% at 9,406 (10/05: 9,962)
Isuzu 1.4% at 1,097 (10/05: 1,125)
Jaguar –22.3 at 1,366 (10/05: 1,758)
Jeep 29% at 40,297 (10/05: 32,431)
Kia –2.6% at 20,097 (10/05: 20,631)
Land Rover 6.7% at 4,004 (10/05: 3,753)
Lexus 7.0% at 24,006 (10/05: 23,331)
Lincoln 3.4% at 8,766 (10/05: 8,477)
Mazda –3.4% at 18,843 (10/05: 19,495)
Mercedes 12% at 20,598 (10/05: 18,349)
Mercury –5.9% at 10,277 (10/05: 10,922)
MINI 13.7% at 3,642 (10/05: 3,203)
Nissan 9.6% at 65,689 (10/05: 62,317)
Pontiac 6.8% at 29,346 (10/05: 28,565)
Porsche 9.0% at 2,487 (10/05: 2,729)
Saab 112% at 2,731 (10/05: 1,340)
Saturn 24.3% at 19,319 (10/05: 16,167)
Suzuki –5% at 5,950 (10/05: 6,246)
Toyota 14.6% at 165,005 (10/05: 149,754)
Volkswagen –7.4% at 15,942 (10/05: 17,207)
Volvo –3.3% at 8,384 (10/05: 8,671)


BMW Group –4.6% at 24,464 (10/05: 25,635)
Chrysler Group 1% at 159,586 (10/05: 164,814)
Ford Motor Co 8.1% at 215,985 (10/05: 199,847)
General Motors 21.6% at 301,317 (10/05: 257,622)
Honda America 3.7% at 110,624 (10/05: 110,895)
Nissan North America 8.1% at 75,095 (10/05: 72,279)
Toyota Motor Co. 13.6% at 189,011 (10/05:173,085)

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      • 8 Years Ago

      Much of your data is not the change in daily sales rate, e.g., all the Ford Motor Coompany numbers. Here are the correct DSR changes (assuming your unit sales numbers are correct):

      Audi ......... +0.44%
      BMW .......... -3.46%
      Dodge ........ +0.18%
      Ford ........ +14.58%
      Hyundai ...... +7.77%
      Jaguar ...... -19.19%
      Kia .......... +1.31%
      Land Rover .. +10.96%
      Lincoln ...... +7.55%
      Mazda ........ +0.52%
      Mercedes .... +16.75%
      Mercury ...... -2.14%
      MINI ........ +18.25%
      Porsche ...... -5.22%
      Suzuki ...... -0.93%
      Volkswagen ... -3.65%
      Volvo ........ -0.56%

      BMW Group ..... -0.75%
      DiamlerChrysler +0.70%
      Ford Motor Co. +12.40%

      • 8 Years Ago
      good for you GM!
      Chrysler is a piece of shit.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The Honda Brand % is wrong. I haven't looked at the whole list, but I bet there's more than the two errors already seen. Government stats using government math produced by government grade employees?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Good numbers. I agree chrysler has really underperformed. Their minivans suck. They suvs are gas guzling body on frame, and their cars are boring.
      • 8 Years Ago
      30. Leo, please clarify your comment... Are you saying that car interiors for all manufacturers should be made of leather and wood? Or are you saying that GM plastic smells bad and Toyota and Honda plastic smells yummy?

      far jr, it's well-documented that the "new car smell" is actually toxins released from the interior plastics and other materials, including the tanning agents in the leather and epoxies and varnishes in the wood. As you would expect if you actually thought about it, the fact that every manufacturer uses different materials means that different cars have different levels of toxins in them. And, as you might expect, some car companies actually try to reduce the level of toxins you are exposed to. The leaders in the field are Audi, Volvo, and, if I'm not mistaken, Honda.

      Some people are more sensitive than the average person, so lay off this guy if indeed an Impala interior gives him a headache. While I've never had such a reaction to a new car, a lot of Chinese-made plastics are nauseating to me until they've had a lot of time to air out.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Does VAG not report group sales?
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Chrysler is in bad shape and has nothing in the pipeline"

      What rock do you live under? Chrysler has ALOT in the pipeline including a remodel of the worlds most popular (still after 23 years) minivan
      • 8 Years Ago
      Ford's monthly gain doesn't change that it lost $5.8 million for the third quarter. Yearly figures are what count in history, and Ford is not faring well. Chrysler is making an effort to change with smaller vehicles like the Caliber and the Compass. The Compass can be seen as a smart move for Jeep (building a low-cost small hatch that isn't a gas guzzler) or a foolish one (making a product that is contrary to Jeep's off-road and muscular image).
      • 8 Years Ago
      Number 6 sound like a white guy. A bit on the dumb side. A little fat. A little mad at the world. Likes to bash jap cars for the hell of it if he can. And stands up for detroit just because. Republican probably as well. Likes to call people names like mongoloid. Probably hates Asians and thinks they are encroaching on him. Likes the Iraq war. And probably would love to own a big ass pick up truck with a fat chick sitting in the middle seat next to him with the right side empty. Am I right Aaron?
      • 8 Years Ago
      7 and 9, asshats.

      I'm from canada, most recently bought a new subaru, and am happy your life of riding the shortbus and doing up your velcro shoes on the wrong feet does it for you.

      Point on chrysler is that they left themselves short of cars to sell, ahve a glut of 06s and that is that. As presumably tou can read that the +1% chrysler group was say similar to Acuras flatness, and better than some of the euro flops.

      far jr
      • 8 Years Ago
      Brian I am well aware of the vapors emmitted by new plastics. You will in fact notice a pasty film develop on the windshield of a new car if you do not clean it frequently. I also worked in plastics manufacturing for a short time (made me sick too).

      I simply asked Leo to clarify as it appeared to me that he is attempting insinuate that the Impala emits odor several magnitudes higher than any other car on the road and therefore should not be considered for purchase until GM changes it.
      His words:
      "now if we cna make GM use som btter grade and softer plastics, they would be bakc on my list of wanting to own one."
      I'm curious as to which car makes he finds appealing and why.

      Plastics are more common now than ever. They are used because they are cheap, easy to shape, and reduce weight. All car manufacturers use them. Vovo, Kia, Hyundai, Honda, VW, Audi, BMW, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, et al. I am not convinced that the Impala uses Polypropylene, PVC, Polystyrene, ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, and Polyethelene that varies greatly from any other manufacturer.

      Check out the following on automotive plastics.


      • 8 Years Ago
      Error in calc. Isuzu is actually negative rather than the sales increase listed. A positive # would be very surprising considering their lack new products (or worthwhile old products).
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