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4.0 out of 5

water leaks, water leaks, water leaks!

2009-03-29 21:51:11

We own a 2007 Saturn Outlook - this is a very nice car, however, the issue is with vehichle quality and GM/Saturns' deliquency in dealing with defects. Shortly after our purchase in the fall of ********** leaks eminated from under the dashboard onto the carpet on the drivers side and passenger side. The sunroof drainage pipes were installed at the factory incorrectly. After service at the dealership, we thought the water leaks were fixed. It has since been in 5 mmore times for the same water leaks. Saturn issued a recall for this issue. Saturn has refused to work with us even though this falls under our sate lemon law. This has lasted for 2 yrs. We have had to move to legal proceedings. It is raining today and the water leaks are back - the front carpet is soaked. Due to the water leaks, the aluminum under the dashboard near the emergency brake is rusted. . We went with Saturn as we thought it was good quality with good customer service. We were wrong! GM/Saturn is adversarial when problems arise. Their strategy is delay, delay, delay. We will never buy a GM/Saturn vehicle again! Disgusting!

2008 Saturn Outlook

Great Vehicle

2009-02-21 08:44:47

Very pleased with the Outlook. It performs well. Gets reasonable gas mileage (reached 23.5 on one trip). Drives smoothly around town and is comfortable on long trips. Adjustable seats make it very comfortable for second row passengers. Our vehicle had no noticeable defects. More attractive than other GM CUV entries

2008 Saturn OUTLOOK

this car sucks

2009-01-07 23:47:21

Hello I have a 2008 Saturn Outlook I leased in dec'07. Two months after I got it I came out to a flooded cabin. Took back to dealer they said they fixed the problem. Then two months later it flooded again. Same dealers tells me it safe to drive. Also tells me to park it a different way in my parking space. I asked why it's a brand new car it shouldn't leak. They had no answer to that. Well this Nov' yet again coming out of my parking space this time the water was coming from everywhere it sounded like a wave coming off the ocean. Man the only thing i was thinking about was where was my swimming drunks !!!!!!!. Just kidding I was pissed!!!!. And yet again back to dealer same old song and dance. This time called I Saturn's Head Office to bring car back and they don't want to even speak to you. "Hey isn't our tax money paying your debt and keeping you guy's alive". They laughed at me and said we don't care we will still have a job. Nice customer service. I just feel that the car that I am driving is not safe and where the water came from in the roof where there are wires in the rear sensor area they are saying is safe. I wish someone can help me. I even asked the person on line if my wife and I get in to car accient because of this water, they told me they can't do nothing. Where do i go now. Engine is fine, but the inside is so cheap. If you guys buy one make sure you bring a towel and swimming trunks. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY A SATURN

2008 Saturn OUTLOOK

Love My Outlook

2008-12-21 21:39:00

I bought my Outlook in June of 08', and all I can say is I simply LOVE IT! I'm a single man, that would fit comfortably in a Saturn Sky, went on a test drive in it, and simply fell in love with it. The handling, the comfort, & the amoutn of space this vehicle offers is outstanding! I have the 8 passenger Outlook. The pickup power is great as well, doesn't really hesitate to pass anyone up at any given time. I've been stopped by so many people asking me "how do you like it" or "what is that". I can't help but to acclaim it's a Saturn Outlook, & it was a great purchase without any complaints. The only thing I would suggest to any future buyers is if you live in a very seasonable area, such as Chicago.....get the All Wheel Drive model, that would be the only thing I would've added onto my Outlook. I highly recommend purchasing one to anyone who is questioning. I also looked at the Acadia which is the sister car of the Outlook, but I didn't see paying for just the name "GMC". You'll feel the same way I did i'm sure. Oh on more thing if you have to haul anything this works just as good as a truck to be honest!

2008 Saturn OUTLOOK

Love It

2008-06-18 12:07:45

Looks, great, handles great and is very comfortable, even on long trips

2008 Saturn OUTLOOK

Review of 2008 Saturn OUTLOOK

2008-03-25 11:12:57

2008 Saturn OUTLOOK

Review of 2008 Saturn OUTLOOK

2008-02-25 08:42:41

2008 Saturn OUTLOOK

After renting, will consider buying

2007-11-11 10:34:46

Last April, in making reservations for our October vacation on the Olympic Peninsula, WA, our bid of $19.00.day on Priceline for an SUV to be picked up in Seattle was accepted. We didn't know what we would get. When we arrived we were given the Outlook XR FWD (Hertz). We totally loved it!!! Beside the interior, I was impressed by its nimble handling and, with all the u-turns I made, the tight turning radius. This thing turns on a dime!!! Though the owners manual was in the glove box, I didn't have a chance to learn what all the bells and whistles were for. The only misgiving, was I felt the transmission shift points were a little too soon. When it comes time to replace our aging Camry, We'll definetely revisit the Outlook.

2008 Saturn OUTLOOK

Love my 2007 Saturn Outlook

2007-10-23 12:14:09

This is such a great SUV. It has all the room that you'll need without feeling like you are driving a tank! The interior leather and stylish features make it so comfortable! Lots of storage with complete fold down seats all the way to the back make it easy to carry a big load. Plus, airbags all the way around the interior and in the roof for added protection. The exterior is made of a dent resistant material too. I have been stopped so many times by people asking about this SUV. I could not be happier!

2008 Saturn OUTLOOK

Saturns best

2007-09-16 07:58:00

This SUV has all the bells and whistles. The ONSTAR feature is definately a plus. The vehicle handles well and has suprisingly great get up and go. My third Saturn and the best yet.

2008 Saturn OUTLOOK

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