The list of people, organizations and even countries that have been offended by Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson is long and illustrious: Mexico, Christians, Muslims, the Romanian government, environmentalists, women, Poland, Scotland, Boy Scouts and Catholics, Tesla, his own countrymen, family counselors, Christians (again), labor unions, Indians, Wales, handicapped people, cancer victims, black people, Wales (again), hackers, environmentalists (again), Americans, and his own countrymen (again).

There's at least one notable and somewhat easily offended group that had stayed off that list: PETA.

That surprising omission has now been filled. Clarkson elicited howls from PETA after posting a picture of a just-crushed mouse on Twitter. It seems the rodent was turned into mincemeat during filming in Moscow.

In related news, Clarkson's very next tweet was also from Russia, this time in a restaurant. The picture, which was of a table with wine glasses, an ashtray and a lit cigarette, was captioned: "Perfection. Civilised country. Russia." So... next up to be offended? Anyone who doesn't like toxic smoke around their food and drink, perhaps.

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